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Mextesol Mexico City Chapter and UAM Azcapotzalco

The Mextesol Mexico City Chapter
and UAM Azcapotzalco
invite you to the next
Academic Saturday
Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 presentations, SPECIAL SCHEDULE:

3:15 - 8:00 p.m.
3:15 - 3:30 registration                                                                             
3:30 - 4:50 first presentation  

Creating Communities of Learners in Blended and Online Environments

The workshop is about facing up to the challenge of creating communities of learners in  blended and online courses. From 
the socioconstructivist approach, Palloff and Pratt (2005,  2007) explain the underlying principles of how collaborative 
learning can be nurtured online. 

Their principles strengthen the classic task cycle put forward by Willis and Willis (1996). With these tools, we teachers are
able to design courses fostering collaborative and cooperative  taskwork (per García Galván 2011-2013). 
In this workshop we will first explain the principles, then move on to a hands-on task where  small groups of participants 
will make some sample tasks. At the end the teachers will share  their outcomes that exemplify applications of learning 
communities for their own contexts,  whether blended or online. 

Alma Daniela Otero and Nevin Siders hold master's degrees in education and have been  at the Universidad Pedagógica 
Nacional for more than ten years as teachers of the English  language, as well as in undergraduate and postgraduate 
programs. They have created  materials for several foreign and second language projects, including the UPN's current 
Postgraduate Degree Program for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EEAILE).  Nevin Siders is the chair of the B.A. in 

Adult Education. 

5:00 - 6:20 second presentation 

Motivation: Creating a positive Learning Environment

Motivation is one of those thoughts just like justice or fairness that in principle we all know they are favourable for our 
teaching, but it's not quite so clear how to achieve it. Motivation is defined as the internal drive that prompts someone to 
carry out an activity towards an end. The role of motivation in the teaching-learning process is crucial to student success. 
Lack of motivation is perhaps the biggest barrier faced by teachers all over the world. Experts in the fields suggest that 
activities that fall within the framework of Humanistic View of Motivation could help teachers achieve this goal. 
Paloma Varela, PgCert. CerTEB, is an Academic Consultant and e-tutor for various institutions among them the British 
Council; author and content editor for several publishers, too. At CENECAL she is a BA in TESOL vertifying panel member. 
Currently, she is completing her master's in TESOL at Sheffield Hallam University. 

Felipe Estrella is a teacher trainer, e-tutor and Exam's Team Leader for the British Council. He is involved as a BC trainer 
for Project English with the State of Mexico. He is an English  Teacher as the CIDE and ULA. At CENEVAL he is a BA in 
TESOL certifying member. Currently, he is a tutor in training for the ICELT. 

6:20 - 6:40 Coffee break  ( During the coffee break don´t forget to visit NULU stand)
6:40 - 8:00 Third presentation 

The Video Game Model for Brain-Based Learning

Scientists have amazing tools to look into the brains of living people. For example, they now know why children and teens 
find video games so addictive: the games cause a rush of the  neurotransmitter dopamine.  Neurologist and classroom teacher Judy Willis believes we can increase students' dopamine levels in our classes to stimulate our students' learning. 

Dr. Willis developed the Video Game MODEL, which is a set of classroom strategies (that don't include video games).  In 
this presentation, you will learn how the Video Game MODEL works, so you can incorporate it in your classes. 
Joep van der Werff has worked in ELT for the last 20 years: as a teacher, teacher trainer, coordinator mostly at Interlingua, 
and as an author for Richmond Publishing. He is currently  an editor at Richmond, where he works on print and digital 
materials for primary schools. He is also the second vice-president of Mexico City Mextesol Chapter. 
8:00 diplomas  

IMPORTANT:  Please bring an ID (IFE) to be admitted onto the campus. 
Venue:  UAM Azcapotzalco, see http://www.azc.uam.mx/comollegar.php  
San Pablo Xalpa 180 
Reynosa Tamaulipas, Azcapotzalco, frente al 
Deportivo Reynosa 
The university has a parking lot. 
Getting there by public transportation: 

 Estación del metro Rosario, tomar transporte 
de la ruta Rosario-La Villa;  
 Estación del metro Deportivo 18 de Marzo, 
línea verde, abordar el transporte de la  ruta La VillaRosario en la Av. Montevideo (frente al Boliche 
 Estación del metro Tacuba, línea azul, 
transporte de la ruta Tacuba-Bimbo. 
 Estación Montevideo del metrobús Tenayuca 
- Etiopía, bajar y tomar el transporte de la ruta La 
Villa - Rosario.  
Online pre-registration is available at http://goo.gl/wgQZ2
1. Before filling out this format, make a deposit for the amount you are  paying to the following account: Banorte, Cta.0864931122. The 
account holder's name is Gabriela  Lopez Quesada. You will need the  authorization number to fill in the pre-registration form. You can 
ask the cashier to point out the authorization number when you make the deposit. If you  prefer to make an electronic transfer, the 
CLABE is 072180008649311220. 
2. Scan the deposit slip or take a photo of it with a digital camera or cell phone. Send the file to mexicocitymextesol@gmail.com. In the 
subject line, write: REGISTRATION (YOUR FULL NAME). Keep the receipt with you because you will need to show it at the registration 
desk anyway. If you made an electronic transfer, simply forward the electronic receipt to mexicocitymextesol@gmail.com
3. Please note that there will be no reimbursements if you do not attend to the session.
FEES Online On-sight Registration
Registration Registration 1 Year Membership
Mextesol members Free 20 $300
Group membership (mínimum 5) $250 per member
Non-members 60 80 $300
UAM /SEP Teachers ,  Students* 50 70 $200
*only by showing ID at the  event
Place this flyer on your school's bulletin board!

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